Heavy Metals and Mold Testing

We regularly test our batches of KAKAO for heavy metals and mold to ensure they are within regulatory standards.

Here are our most recent 3rd party lab reports:

It's important to remember that heavy metals are naturally occurring elements widely distributed in the Earth's crust. Heavy metals, in small quantities, are a natural part of healthy soils. It's typically in industrial areas that heavy metals accumulate unnaturally in the top 1-2 inches of soil, which is why KAKAO is sourced from wild, small family farms far from industrial influence. Because our farmers use non-industrialized and spray-free methods of planting and harvesting (as Mother Nature intended), our beans are naturally lower in heavy metals than commodity (bulk) cacao.

For an extensive look at heavy metals, as well as common misconceptions, we suggest reading this article. To date, it's one of the most comprehensive and accurate articles we've been able to find.

If you'd like to compare KAKAO's heavy metal levels to other brands and cacao products, you can search online for various articles and take a look at the brief comparison chart we’ve created here. We have found that very few 'ceremonial-grade' cacao companies conduct and/or list lab reports, but it is evident that commodity/commercialized chocolate bars and cocoa products are significantly higher in heavy metals than organic, sustainable, small farm cacao sources.

We suggest to our community that they trust their intuition, their hearts, and their bodies when it comes to consuming KAKAO, in terms of dose and frequency. What classifies something as 'high' in heavy metals is a controversial and debatable topic. There is indeed much conflicting information on the internet and often we see fear-inducing articles and 'statistics' that can result in people questioning their own body's intelligence and intuitive instincts. To our understanding, all foods contain heavy metals because a) heavy metals are a natural part of the Earth’s crust and b) commercial farming methods and overall global industrialization contributes to an excess of heavy metals in the atmosphere and soil.

Based on our knowledge, our lab reports, and our own body's response to KAKAO over the years, we feel very positive about incorporating full doses of KAKAO into our daily lives (30-55 grams per day, which is on the higher end). We have done this without hesitation and have personally thrived physically, mentally, and emotionally.  At the end of the day, everyone is unique, and the body is incredibly wise when we tune into it from a clear space. From our perspective, we believe that heavy metals are not a concern when working with true, ceremonial-grade, heirloom strains of cacao directly sourced from wild, family-owned farms. With that said, trust your own intuition, trust your body, and if you are concerned, maybe start with 20 grams per day (1/2 dose) and go from there.

We'd like to mention one more thing that gave us a lot of peace of mind in this department. Dr. Gonzalez, a health advocate and leading wellness influencer, has reviewed our labs over the years and has supported our company both personally and professionally. We were in LA this past fall sharing KAKAO with 100 of his event attendees. This meant a lot to us, as he has been looked to for years as the go-to expert in terms of reviewing various food brands, and cacao brands specifically, for heavy metals.

Thank you for your support of KAKAO and we wish you all the best in your journeys with this remarkable heart-opener.

*DISCLAIMER: The information provided is not medical advice. Any information conveyed by the KAKAO team is merely personal opinion and is in no way meant to replace professional medical advice from a licensed professional.