Ellie Seilern: KAKAO Europe/UK Guardian

Ellie Seilern: KAKAO Europe/UK Guardian


I will never forget the exact moment that KAKAO tapped me on the shoulder.

Her Presence (a sensation of pure creative excitement throughout my physical body) and her Mission (a completely new paradigm based on heart wisdom and Unity Consciousness) entered my field like a lightning bolt when I heard Makenzie on stage speaking about her new business entity; KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate.

The words she was speaking were a direct transmission from the Spirit of Cacao herself. This was language I had never heard spoken aloud and yet it awakened within me a truth that I had always known. As a business owner myself, I felt my loneliness and struggle dissolving into a feeling of perfect harmony as I listened to this incredible woman speak to us about devotion, ceremony and intuition as her primary pillars of business. 

This awakening led me straight into the loving arms of KAKAO and held me there as I allowed a complete transformation to unfold within my heart, my business and my relationships over the next few years. 

It is a privilege to act as a Guardian for KAKAO Europe and to be in service to our community here. I have witnessed the most incredible journey within myself, with you all and in partnership with the Spirit of Cacao, Mother Earth and the native strain Cacao Chuncho that we are so blessed to work with.

Please know that every single part of this supply chain, every member of the KAKAO family and every aspect of our partnership is in full, divine service. I encourage you to peruse each and every word on our website as we invite you into a deeper look at the communities and individuals behind bringing this sacred medicine into your hands.

All my love,



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