Aydin Rahmi: KAKAO Australia/NZ Guardian

Aydin Rahmi: KAKAO Australia/NZ Guardian


My journey with KAKAO started at the end of 2017 when a beautiful soul by the name of Fiona gifted me some. I had been seeing cacao pop up all over the place and had attended one ceremony at an event a year prior but admittedly hadn’t received a strong push to start working with her just yet. Once I’d had my first cup of the magical elixir I’d been gifted, it was clear it was time to incorporate her into my meditation practice.

I intentionally sat with KAKAO on a regular basis in a solo setting, noticing how she assisted me in tuning in, getting present and hearing my higher guidance like never before. I’ve always been intuitive but the clarity I received when meditating with KAKAO was on another level. A few months into the journey the downloads really started to pour in. The most powerful experience being that I started to connect with my dad who has passed, from there on out my trust in the inner knowing I’ve always had, that we all have, deepened.

I finally saw that the messages from my soul and spirits supporting me have always been there. Those gut feelings, little whispers, dreams, recurring signs and soul nudges are it. As humans we like to overcomplicate things, when we take a step back, clarity prevails. The clarity doesn’t make sense to the logical mind most of the time but the more I practiced with the support of cacao, the clearer those messages got and the more willing I have been to follow the guidance, especially when I’m scared to do so.

It was guidance that had me in Sydney for what I thought was a book tour when in actual fact it was to sit in ceremony with Mak & Michael and experience the profound power of a group cacao ceremony. It was guidance that had me enrol in a sound healing course out of sheer curiosity that led to me changing careers and the birth of my business Rhythm Infused (not to mention so many of my business ideas have happened when fuelled by KAKAO). It was guidance that led me to a retreat where I got to spend time with Mak & Michael and witness first hand that their integrity and pure hearts of service are the real deal. Many are different to what they portray to the outside world behind the scenes, not with them.

After a year of almost daily work with KAKAO I knew I had to share her immense healing power with others and began incorporating her into some of my sound meditation gatherings – they dance so beautifully together to assist people deep into their heart space. I kept hearing I needed to serve KAKAO in a greater way for all that she has gifted and awakened in me. I knew I was meant to work with her in a greater capacity than what I was. I dreamt of working alongside Mak. My brother and a couple friends actually told me months before I became the Aus/NZ distributor that that’s what I should be doing due to my loyalty and love for her. As KAKAO is so close to Makenzie’s heart I wasn’t sure if she’d be open to the idea, I knew I was going to be seeing her in person in Maui so I decided I’d ask her then if she needs any assistance with KAKAO hitting Aussie shores in whatever capacity that may be and then one evening before I had that chance to do so she uttered the words…’ I need a distributor in Australia that I can trust’, the rest is history.

KAKAO has been a loving and gentle ally to my spiritual and meditation practice. She has held me as I do the inner work to continuously evolve. My mission with KAKAO is to share her vibration and make her more accessible to any souls that are called to infuse her magic into their life.

For anyone that’s new to working with plant medicine and the reality that everything has a spirit (plants and businesses) may not completely comprehend how and why KAKAO is unique. All the obvious facts aside for why I chose to be a part of the KAKAO fam (true ceremonial grade – educate yourself, there’s a difference, her not-for-profit status and mission of saving the native strain and supporting the farmers). The other reasons aren’t quantifiable, they’re energetic. It’s the authenticity and love that radiates from Makenzie into everything she touches – she’s truly angel status and has been integral to my growth! It’s the spirit of cacao the plant and KAKAO the entity – they are an incomparable dynamic duo.

I’ve been loyal to the soil with KAKAO from day dot for the reasons that can’t be duplicated or explained – vibes don’t lie and her vibe is something else.

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